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Eucharist Lily

 The exquisite 'Eucharist lily', also known as 'Amazon lily' (Eucharis grandiflora), is a member of the Amaryllis family and was originally collected along the Rio Magdalena. It is a low bulbous plant with broad, glossy green basal leaves. The glistening white flowers are starlike or trumpet-shaped and delightfully fragrant. They are borne in clusters of 3-6 blooms on a 2 ft tall fleshy stalk. The Eucharist lily is a tropical plant enjoying moist-warm conditions. It does not like cold nights, so a minimum of 60 F is required even in the winter. If conditions are favorable, it will bloom several times a year. This can be achieved by alternating resting and growing periods. By drying off to some extent, for a few weeks, a crop of flowers can be induced at almost any season, providing the bulbs are strong enough and the foliage is not completely lost.

The Eucharist lily prefers bright indirect light or semi-shade. Water liberally from spring to autumn. Water moderately in winter. Sponge leaves occasionally to increase air humidity. Repot in spring every 3-4 years or as needed. To propagate, detach offsets or bulblets from mature plants in summer, keep warm and water sparingly until growth starts.

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