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Variegated Rock Cress

Botanical Genus Aubrieta
Botanical Species
Botanical Cultivar ''Argenteo Variegata''
Common Name Variegated Rock Cress
Plant Type Perennial
Category  Perennial
Growth Rate N/A
Bloom Time
Flower Color
Seasonal Interest Evergreen, gray green w/ white edging.
Comments An extremely popular rock garden plant. Forms low mounds of evergreen foliage. Great for spilling over rock walls.
Soil Conditions Prefers slightly moist, well-drained soil, amended with organic matter.
Hardiness Zone -
General Plant Care When planting, amend the soil with Merrifield Planting Mix and Merrifield Starter Plant Food. Feed each spring and fall with a good quality, slow release plant food such as Merrifield Flowering Plant Food.