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Seminars & Events

We invite you to plan and prepare for the growing season with us at our gardening seminars and spring events! Join us for our weekly free seminars and receive exclusive offers and other special treats. Whether you’re new to gardening, an experienced gardener with a green thumb, or a parent hoping to introduce your children to your favorite hobby, we hope you’ll join us for this season’s seminars.

March 25

Spring Lawn Care

Merrifield at 10 am
Dan Henneberg, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Learn what steps to take now so your lawn will remain healthy, green and weed-free this summer. We’ll discuss spring seeding, weed prevention and control, and fertilizer application techniques and timing. Bring your questions and samples with you to share with the class!

Growing Herbs

Fair Oaks at 10 am
Gainesville at 2 pm
Nicole Schermerhorn, Co-owner, A Thyme to Plant at Lavender Fields Herb Farm

Nicole oversees the production of over 300,000 USDA Certified Organic herbs and vegetables. Learn how to plan, plant and harvest an herb garden that will look as good as it tastes. Discover fresh recipes to try at home and taste the difference of cooking with fresh herbs.

March 26

Winning Plant Combinations

Gainesville at 1 pm
Suzanne Conway, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Perennials are lovely for their ability to provide an ongoing display of beautiful foliage textures and colors with striking blooms that adorn the garden throughout the season. Discover our perfect perennial pairs to create exciting interest in your garden all season long.

April 1

Amazing Container Gardens


Fair Oaks on Saturday at 10 am
Peg Bier, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Container gardens play a role in gardens of any size. Whether you have a small porch or a large entertaining space, you can enjoy non-stop color all year long with container designs that evolve with the seasons. Come get inspired to dress up your garden.

Audubon at Home


Gainesville on Saturday at 10 am
Leslie Paulson, Master Gardener and Audubon Ambassador, Audubon Society of Northern Virginia

Bird populations are on the decline, which means it’s more important than ever to create and manage bird-friendly gardens. See how you can select plants for your garden to create a sanctuary that attracts and supports native wildlife. In return, you’ll enjoy a relaxing retreat filled with entertainment from our feathered friends.

April 2

Just for Kids! Critter Edition


Gainesville on Sunday at 1 pm
Andy Johnson, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Our gardens are home to many different birds, insects and critters! Discover the wildlife that calls your garden home and take home tips to create and maintain a healthy environment for our native friends. Parents, plan to attend with your children.  Recommended for children ages 6 and up. Register here.

April 8

Spring Garden Party

Gainesville on Saturday, 11 am – 3 pm

Celebrate spring’s first blooms with us!

Welcome the growing season and enjoy ongoing activities and demonstrations for the whole family. Explore our spring collections, find inspiration and select the supplies you need to dig into spring.

April 9

The Versatility of Perennials


Gainesville on Sunday at 1 pm 
Steve Gable, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Perennials can bring a wide range of foliage and an ongoing symphony of color to all types of gardening situations. Create a garden that delights and inspires by incorporating perennials that provide interest in your unique growing conditions. Come and have a look at the many different options available.

April 15

Selecting and Growing Roses


Gainesville on Saturday at 10 am
Pamela Powers, Consulting Rosarian, Arlington Rose Foundation

With their elegance and grace, roses are a great addition to any garden. Pamela will guide you through the best varieties for our area, proper pruning techniques, tips on pest management, and the best times to fertilize and water for optimal results.

April 16

A Primer on Growing Annuals


Gainesville on Sunday at 1 pm
Karen Rexrode, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Annuals set the seasonal color tone for our garden beds, containers and hanging baskets. Join Karen to see her favorites, learn why they should be included in your garden this spring, and find out what it takes to be successful with this huge, diverse group of plants.

April 22

Perennials for Every Garden


Gainesville on Saturday at 1:30 pm
Andre Viette, Author, Hybridizer and Lecturer

Join Andre Viette, an accomplished perennials author and lecturer, for a session full of inspiration and education. Take home great ideas to incorporate into your own garden.

Seminar is sponsored by Bonide®

April 23

Container Gardens with Pizzazz


Gainesville on Sunday at 1 pm
Renatta Holt, Merrifield Landscape Designer

Brighten your home with the colors of spring by refreshing your containers. Renatta will share creative ideas for combining annuals, perennials and bulbs for a dramatic effect.

April 29

Growing Organic Vegetables


Gainesville on Saturday at 10 am
David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Harvest fresh, home-grown tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and more this summer. David will share tips on how to maximize your harvest without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pest controls.

April 30

Fantastic Color Combinations


Gainesville on Sunday at 1 pm
Kerri Murphy Blackman, Merrifield Landscape Designer

Gardens are designed to enhance our lives and homes through the use of color, texture and scale. Discover how combining these elements can create excitement, build a relaxing retreat and amplify your home’s curb appeal.

May 6

Flowering Trees and Shrubs


Gainesville on Saturday at 10 am
Danielle Hall, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Trees and shrubs are the backbone of our landscapes, acting as screens, accents and backdrops. Flowering varieties bring a parade of color and interest to your yard, brightening even the gloomiest of days. Explore our top picks to envelop your yard in blooms all season long.

May 13

Container Gardens


Gainesville on Saturday at 10 am
Peg Bier, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Container plantings can quickly dress your home in seasonal color. Learn how to put together striking plant combinations to decorate your porch, patio, deck or walk. Afterward, put your new knowledge to work and select the plants and supplies you need to craft a custom container for mom this Mother’s Day.

May 20

Spring Blooms Nursery Tour

Gainesville on Saturday at 10 am
Pat Reilly, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Spring is the gardeners favorite time of year. Our hands are busy working on our beloved pastime and our minds are relaxed and calm. May is the best time to take a walk through the nursery and take in the blooms and scents of the season. Join Pat for a walk through the nursery and discover a new favorite spring bloomer.

May 27

Companion Planting with Perennials

Gainesville on Saturday at 10 am
Suzanne Conway, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Our plants need good companions to thrive. Some support each other, while others have different requirements and end up competing for resources. Discover the perfect companion plants for your perennial favorites and how to design your beds with color, texture, contrast and form in mind.

June 3


Gainesville at noon

Celebrate your furry, four-legged doggy friend with us!

The pups will kick back and chill out with an ice cream, socialize, and play while you snack on your own tasty treats! The event and doggy ice cream are free. Tasty human treats will be available for purchase and all proceeds will go to a local pet shelter. RSVPs appreciated, but not required. We’ll make the sign up form available soon.