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Christmas in the Greenhouse

Gifts and traditional Christmas plants.

Select a traditional gift or decorative plant from the greenhouse or opt for a more modern style with a collection of hundreds of plants to choose from.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus is a tropical plant that hails from the rainforests of Central and South America and features showy, bright flowers in pink, red or white. This plant requires water and less sun than other cacti and should be placed in bright, indirect light, and allowed to dry slightly between waterings. If possible, bring this plant outdoors for the summer and place in light shady spot, where it can thrive in the warmth and humidity. Fertilize throughout the growing season with an all-purpose plant food. Allow the plant to stay outdoors until temperatures begin to drop below 50 degrees, and then bring back indoors. The cool temperatures will cause your Christmas cactus to form buds and begin flowering.


Although they aren’t typically associated with Christmas traditions, cyclamen bloom in red, white, pink and lavender during the holiday season and are great plants for holiday decorating or gift giving. The flowers hang in the air like butterflies over green leaves with silver markings. Get the most from your cyclamen by placing them in bright, indirect light in a cool location.  They prefer 45 to 55 degree nights and 55 to 65 degree days. Cyclamen should always remain moist, but not wet. We suggest setting the pot in a shallow pan of water so the plant can absorb water from the bottom of the pot.

Norfolk Island Pine

Although it really isn’t a pine, the Norfolk Island pine resembles one with its needle-like foliage and spreading branches. Norfolk Island pines often are decorated to look like miniature Christmas trees.This plant should be kept in a bright area, where it’ll receive one to two hours of sun per day. Water thoroughly when the upper third of soil dries out and fertilize about once a month. Norfolk Island pines thrive when the humidity is 50% or more. To increase the humidity around your plant, place it in a pebble tray and mist frequently. Low humidity can cause branch tips to brown.

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Perhaps the best known of all Christmas plants, this plant comes in all shades of red, pink, white, spotted, speckled and marbled. With proper care, poinsettias will last several weeks or even months in your home. Place them in bright, indirect light away from drafts. They prefer to be in a warm location (68 to 70 degrees) and kept evenly moist.