Christmas Trees

Select the perfect tree for your home.

Enjoy a family night out and pick the perfect Christmas tree. Our trees come in a wide number of varieties and range in size from tabletop to 15 feet.

We also offer setup and delivery of trees. Give us a call or ask about this service at the garden center for more information.

Fraser Fir, Christmas Tree

Fraser Fir

Fraser firs are one of the most popular Christmas trees we sell, and for good reason. The soft, sturdy needles are dark green with a silvery underside, and have that traditional Christmas tree aroma. Strong, dense branches are perfect for those of us who like to decorate a tree with a lot of ornaments. These trees have a uniform habit with a nice tapered shape from top to bottom, providing a consistent look to the tree on all sides.

Turkish Fir, Christmas Tree

Turkish Fir

The needles of Turkish Firs are succulent and juicy with a nice, citrus-like fragrance. The top sides of the needles have a darker green color while the undersides have a silvery sheen, which creates and a nice bi-color appearance. Turkish firs have a very open, almost perfectly lateral branching habit, which gives them a nice layered appearance. This branching structure makes them perfect for holding larger ornaments.

Noble Fir, Christmas Tree

Noble Fir

Noble firs have many of the same qualities as the Turkish firs. However, their subtle fragrance is more in line with the traditional Christmas tree aroma.  The needles on the Noble fir curl up on the ends of the branches.

Douglas Fir, Christmas Tree

Douglas Fir

Douglas firs have softer needles and a lighter green color than their fir cousins. Their fragrance is more of a piney aroma. Douglas firs are sheared by the grower and therefore have a nice, consistent, pyramidal shape that many people enjoy.

Blue Spruce, Christmas Tree

Blue Spruce

Blue spruce have hard needles with a slight fragrance and a rigid branching habit, which allows them to hold heavy ornaments better than other trees. As their name implies, the needles have a blue cast. The combination of the tan hues of the stems with the vegetative buds at the ends of all the branches create an interesting contrast that many people enjoy

White Pine, Christmas Tree

White Pine

White pines have long, soft needles that are very fine, with a light green color. These trees have a less fragrant aroma than others. White pines are a great choice for people who enjoy a softer looking and feeling Christmas tree. They are a good choice for lighter ornaments, but do not hold heavier ones very well.

Scottish Pine, Christmas Tree

Scotch Pine

Scotch Pines have medium length needles, which are about two inches long, with a soft fragrance. These trees are sheared like Douglas firs, so you get that same consistent, pyramidal shape with each tree. Scotch Pines have a soft appearance and are a popular choice of tree for those looking for great value.

Artificial Christmas Tree ISTOCK

Artificial Trees

We offer artificial trees in a variety of types and sizes. Contact our stores to speak with a specialist and pick out the perfect artificial tree for your home.