Join us at this brand new, one day event featuring our top lawn care experts for all the advice you need to maintain or restore a healthy lawn this fall! Visit stations at our Fair Oaks store to speak with our experts and obtain personalized information for your lawn.

Seeding, Fertilizer and Weed Control
Hosted by David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist, and the Fair Oaks Plant Clinic Team
Stop by for information on conventional methods for maintaining a healthy and green lawn this fall. If you are looking for a total lawn renovation, stop by this station and we can connect you with our experts.

Organic Lawn Care Options
Hosted by David Holcomb, McGill's Premium Compost and Alex Pawlukiewicz, Merrifield Plant Specialist
Discover how to use compost and natural fertilizers to build a healthy soil along with organic options to manage insects, weeds and disease. You can have a beautiful, healthy lawn while staying green.

Lawn Alternatives
Hosted by the Fair Oaks Perennial Team
An option that is increasing in popularity, perennial groundcovers are a great option for people looking for a lower maintenance or native alternative to a traditional grass lawn. Stop by our Perennials house to learn more about groundcover options if you are looking to reduce your lawn space or go lawn-free.