Georgia Peach Truck returns to the Gainesville location of Merrifield Garden Center for a holiday gift stop, offering the fall harvest of sweet mandarin oranges and shelled pecans from Georgia. Mandarin oranges are the snack-sized stocking stuffers like Halos and Cuties, but mandarins from Georgia arrive fresher than store-bought mandarins from California! Georgia Peach Truck offers satsuma mandarins and kishu mandarins, which are juicier and easier to peel than common clementine mandarins, and bite-sized kishus are sweeter than clementines, too! Satsuma Mandarins 1 Box, Approximately 20 Pounds $48 Kishu Mandarins 1 Box, Approximately 10 Pounds $48 Georgia Peach Truck also offers fancy halves of jumbo caddo pecans that are freshly shelled for holiday baking season and keep for a year in frozen storage! Shelled Pecans 1 Bag, Approximately 1 Pound $17 Free mesh bags are available for portioning holiday gifts of oranges and pecans to friends, family, and neighbors. No advance order or purchase is necessary, and a card is preferred for payment. Link below to frequently asked questions: