Family Activities for Mother’s Day

Mothers and children who love spending time outside will enjoy these garden themed crafts and activities. For your family’s enjoyment this holiday, we’ve put together a set of family-friendly crafts and activities suitable for a variety of ages. Read on for more information and select the links to print out your favorite craft instructions.

I Love You Berry Much – Hand Print Paper Craft

Create a keepsake of your child’s hand print with this easy craft activity. You will need red craft paint, a sponge, a black marker and scissors for this craft.

Click here to download activity page. 

You Make My Heart Flutter – Paper Craft

This paint free activity is a good alternative for those looking for a less messy activity! Turn your child’s handprints into the wings of a bright butterfly with construction paper, scissors and a glue stick.

Click here to download activity page. 

Mom, You’re Fan-Cactus Paper Craft

For mom’s who love their houseplant collection! This paint-free craft uses construction paper, scissors and glue stick. Your child’s handprint becomes the the cactus in a cheerful container garden.

Click here to download activity page. 

Inching to Say I Love You

Your children will enjoy this craft, creating a caterpillar out of their footprints and photo. You will need a few more supplies to create this, including white paper, light and dark green paint, a sponge, scissors and a glue stick.

Click here to download activity page.