Once upon a snowy Christmas village lived a stubborn young reindeer named Nutmeg. She was no ordinary reindeer,  she was the daughter of the famous Rudolph, known far and wide for his glowing red nose. Nutmeg had a big dream – she wanted to be a part of my reindeer team and help pull my magical sleigh like her father, Rudolph. However, Nutmeg faced a challenge. She didn’t have a glowing red nose and was much smaller than all the other reindeer. But Nutmeg was determined and would not give up on her dream. She spent her days reading countless books about flying and pulling a sleigh learning everything she could about the weather patterns and going through all my notes from year after year.

While her friends enjoyed reindeer parties and played in the snow, Nutmeg stayed home, brainstorming ways she could fly with me and my reindeer team. Most of her friends laughed at her and told her to just give up. But Nutmeg held on to her dreams and never lost sight of them. One day as she was playing Mario Cart on her Switch, she had a brilliant idea. She decided to design an app that could enhance my sleigh’s performance, allowing it to glide faster and more accurately through the skies. This caught my attention, and I was so impressed  I decided to ask Nutmeg to ride with me on my sleigh as my copilot using the app she created to guide us. On that magical night, Nutmeg found herself soaring through the starlit skies, guiding my sleigh with pride and confidence. Not only did Nutmeg realize her dream of flying with Santa’s reindeer, but she also ended up driving the sleigh alongside him. Her dedication, hard work, and refusal to give up had paid off. Nutmeg’s story became an inspiration to everyone in the Christmas village, reminding them that no dream is too big and that persistence leads to success. And so, as the stars twinkled above and the snowflakes gently fell, Nutmeg’s journey proved that even the smallest among us can achieve greatness when they believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams.