Winter Classes & Virtual Plant Clinic

Virtual Plant Clinic

This winter, join us for regular Q&A sessions with Plant Specialist David Yost on Zoom and Facebook Live. In these 45 minute sessions, David will cover some frequently asked questions on the featured topic, then take your questions.

If you prefer to see the live stream on Facebook, you can join us there. 

Upcoming Plant Clinics:

Webinars & Online Classes

Planting and Caring for Trees: Q&A
Tuesday, January 26, 12 pm
Instructor: Michael Fahey, Merrifield Plant Specialist and Arborist

In this class, join Merrifield Plant Specialist and Arborist Michael Fahey for a Q&A style discussion about the best timing and methods for planting trees and the steps you can take to keep them healthy after planting. Michael will offer a brief presentation and then take questions for discussion, so please come prepared with any questions you have about your own landscape!

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African Violet, Greenhouse

Popular Houseplants and How to Care for them
Tuesday, February 2, 12 pm
Instructor: Gretchen Mason, Merrifield Plant Specialist

In this class, Plant Specialist Gretchen Mason will cover the care requirements of African Violets, Sansevieria, Pothos and Philodendron and give her tips for helping these plants thrive. This is a great class for anyone looking to purchase their first houseplant, or for anyone who is considering purchasing these specific plants.

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Orchid, Greenhouse

Growing Orchids in the Home – THIS CLASS IS FULL
Thursday, February 4, 12 pm
Instructor: Carol Allen, The Orchid Lady

Does this happen to you? You go into a grocery store or nursery and are immediately assaulted with display after display of cut flowers and orchids. Who can resist the temptation? Of course you go home with an orchid! Then you Google orchid care. After the fourth video, your eyes are spinning in your head! Join Carol Allen, The Orchid Lady, as she cuts through the bunk and simplifies successful home orchid growing into three easy steps.

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Zinnia, Cut Flower Arrangement, Floral, Annual

Cut Flower Gardens
Tuesday, February 9, 12 pm
Instructor: Peg Bier, Merrifield Plant and Design Specialist

Learn how to cultivate fresh blooms for your own home. Join Merrifield Plant and Design Specialist Peg Bier as she discusses how to grow and maintain a cut flower garden.

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Deer Resistant Gardening
Tuesday, February 16, 12 pm
Instructor: Pat Reilly, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Prevent deer from getting in the way of enjoying your garden by combining deer resistant plants, repellents and other strategies. Merrifield Plant Specialist Pat Reilly will discuss methods you can practice to keep these unwanted guests away.

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Bluebird House

Gardening for the Birds
Thursday, February 25, 12 pm
Instructor: Andy Johnson, Merrifield Plant and Wildlife Specialist

Create a bird sanctuary in your backyard. Learn how to select and use plants, feeders and nesting boxes to provide food, shelter and water that birds need to thrive.

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