Summer Sun Container

We’ve planted this container in a watermelon for fun, but you can plant it in any type of container you choose. We do recommend a container with a hole in the bottom for adequate drainage. Following the “Thrill, Spill, Fill” formula, you can create a simple container that features bright colors for the arrival of summer.

The plants featured in this container design will thrive in 6 to 8 hours of direct sun daily.

What is Thrill, Spill, Fill?

When planting a container, select one or more plants that fill these categories to make sure you have a well balanced design. The number of plants you choose depends on the size of the container. If there is only room for one of each, that is fine.

Thrill plants provide height to your container.

Spill plants cascade over the side of the pot.

Fill Plants fill in the spaces in the middle of the pot.

Get our step-by-step instructions on how to pot up your containers here.

Container for Sun


Salvia: We’ve selected a blue salvia for our container, but you can select any number of colors of salvia for your thrill plant. Since this container keeps it simple with just three types of plants, you have a lot of flexibility with your bloom colors.


Geranium: Technically, geranium could be used as a thrill plant too, but in this case we are using it as our fill plant instead. Geranium also comes in a number of shades, but we like the red to pair with the blue salvia!


Bacopa: We’ve chosen a white bacopa as our spill plant, which pairs well with the vibrant red and blue of the geranium and salvia. It also comes in blue and pink, so you could switch it up.