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Herb Garden

Gardening Gifts for Dad

This Father’s Day, share the gift of gardening with your father by taking on a new project together, or by enjoying time outdoors. We have just the plants and supplies you need to make the day great whether your father is a master gardener, a novice or just someone who enjoys a plant or two in his home. Read on for suggestions and inspiration to get Dad the perfect gift this year.

For the Indoor-Only Gardener: Bonsai Tree


Bonsai trees make a unique gift for dads who may not garden very much, but enjoy having something growing in their home.  With a wide variety of bonsai to choose from, you are sure to find one your father will love.

For the Landscaping Pro: Black Diamond Crape Myrtle

Black Diamond Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtles are a favorite for their summer blooms, and the Black Diamond series is one of our newest and most popular varieties. Unlike other crape myrtle trees, the foliage on these is black. This series features blooms in a variety of colors, but we particularly love the red.

For the Chef: Fresh Herbs

Herb Garden

Fresh herbs are the perfect gift for any home chef, as they can be grown quickly and harvested as needed for cooking from a container or windowsill garden. Create a small herb garden with Dad this Father’s day with rosemary, oregano, chives or other easy to grow herbs.

For the Gardener Who Has Everything: Handy Gadgets and Accessories

Garden Shovel, Garden Tool

If dad is a master gardener and already seems to have everything, why not get him something extra to make his work easier? Popular gardening accessories and tools include kneeler pads, long arm hose extenders, soaker hoses, sun hats and gardening gloves.

Pro Tip: Our own Merrifield dads are more than happy to provide ideas. For example, Michael Fahey, one of our instructors and arborists, recommends the King of Spades Shovel as, “the one gardening tool you can’t live without.” If you are looking for more ideas, our team would be happy to talk with you about their own favorite tools and plants!

We hope you have a great Father’s Day! Have fun planting!

Plant Picks from Our Dads for Yours

Father’s Day is fast approaching! It’s time to decide how we want to show dad our appreciation this year. Whether your dad is a master gardener, a novice, or just likes his yard to look nice, our very own Merrifield dads are giving us a roundup of their favorites this year.

The plants our dads are asking for are as varied as their personalities! Trees, shrubs, flowers, and even grass seed made our list this year, with father’s looking for everything from elegant finishing touches to add to their landscaping to foundation plants for their new home.

Crape Myrtle ISTOCK

Crape Myrtle

For the dad with a non-stop schedule, crape myrtles make a great specimen tree. They bloom in a range of flower colors—shades of red, pink and lavender—boast beautiful fall color and provide interesting winter bark. Like all plants, they need regular watering for the first couple of years after planting. But once their roots become established, crape myrtles are surprisingly drought tolerant.

Fargesia Bamboo

Fargesia Bamboo

This clumping variety of bamboo is a great non-invasive option for any father who loves bamboo and is looking for a hardier alternative to ornamental grass. It makes a great screening or specimen plant. We love this variety for its wonderful color and texture.

Merrifield Grass Seed

Grass Seed

If your dads are anything like ours, they strive to maintain a beautiful lawn. For fathers who enjoy spending time in their yards with their children or are constantly working to perfect their lawn, consider gifting grass seed—and helping dad put it down!

Blueberry Shrub, ISTOCK

Blueberry Bush

For dads who enjoy delicious fruit, consider blueberries. Besides the berries we know and love, these native shrubs produce white blooms in the spring and vibrant fall foliage. This is a Father’s Day gift the whole family can enjoy.

Gulf Stream Nandina

This hardy shrub has the ability to withstand all kinds of circumstances and mishaps—an important feature for a father with young children and pets. If you are looking for a long lasting and durable shrub with beautiful foliage throughout the year, this is your pick.

Iris, Perennial


This show stopping perennial is an easy to care for option for any dad who appreciates a dramatic garden but doesn’t have a lot of time to maintain it. With over 300 species, irises come in a variety of colors and provide entertainment in the garden with their ability to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.