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Monthly Tips


Annuals and Perennials

Plant iris, tulips, crocus, daffodils and other spring blooming bulbs.

Add pansies, kale, heuchera, acorus and hellebores to containers for color and interest from now through spring. Remember, container gardens will dry faster than plants in the ground and you will need to keep them moist, even through the winter months.

Fruits and Vegetables

Extend your growing season by covering sensitive plants with frost cloth to protect them on chilly days and nights.

Remove all old vines of beans, squash, etc. to the compost pile and then spade or till the garden. Sow winter rye and do not mow it.


All tropical plants should be back indoors by now.

Fertilize your houseplants with Jack’s Classic or Osmocote through November, and then slow down your feeding until February.

If you find gnats hovering around your plants, sticky traps, Mosquito Bits or Gnat nix are three non-chemical treatment options to address this nuisance.

Plant amaryllis and paperwhite narcissus bulbs for some indoor color during the holidays.


Roots are still growing and November is a great time to fertilize the lawn with Merrifield Premium Lawn Food.

You can still overseed established lawns in November, but in all likelihood the seed will germinate next spring. We recommend using one of Merrifield’s custom blended grass seeds (Merrifield Sunny, Merrifield Shady or Merrifield Tuff Play).

November is a great time to lime the lawn if needed to raise the pH level of the soil. You can lime, fertilize and seed your lawn all in the same day.

Now is also a good time to control lawn weeds. Look for a sunny day when temperatures are above 50 degrees and no wind or rain is predicted for the next several hours. Also be aware that you cannot apply weed controls to newly seeded areas.

Trees and Shrubs

Now is the time to feed your plants. We recommend fertilizing flowering shrubs and trees with Merrifield Flowering Plant Food.  Use Merrifield Tree and Shrub Food on evergreens (hollies, boxwoods and yews) and deciduous trees (maples, oaks and sycamores).

The deer rutting season peaks this month. Protect trees from deer rubbing with Merrifield’s tomato cages, wire fencing or plastic tree wraps.

Water Gardens

Cover the pool with pond netting to keep leaves from falling into the pond.

Remove dead foliage from your pond plants and set it on the bottom of the pool.

Wildlife and Wildlife Management

Did you know many beneficial insects spend the winter months in the stems and plant debris of your garden? Birds will also be looking for food and shelter, so consider leaving some of the “mess” through winter to provide habitat for insects, wildlife and to shelter your plants from cold, windy weather.

The deer rutting season peaks this month. Protect trees from deer rubbing with Merrifield’s tomato cages, wire fencing or plastic tree wraps.