12 Native Flowering Shrubs

by , October 3rd 2023

Native flowering shrubs naturally occur all over our Mid Atlantic region and can tolerate all kinds of soil and light conditi... read more

Native Fall Container Designs

by , September 22nd 2023

Planting native plants in container gardens will invite local pollinators, birds and beneficial insects to your patio, porch,... read more

5 Tips to Deter Deer from Your Garden

by , September 21st 2023

Over the last few decades, we have seen deer populations browsing and feeding off of home gardens increasing dramatically In ... read more

Our 8 Favorite Native Trees for Fall Foliage

by , September 21st 2023

Fall is one of the most attractive seasons for native trees in the Virginia area with so many different species that add colo... read more

Hydrangea Identification and Care Guide

by , July 26th 2023

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular landscape shrubs, offering large blooms during the spring and summer in a variety of c... read more

Louis’s Picks: Drought Tolerant Plants for Summer

by , July 13th 2023

It’s the hottest time of year again, and any plants we have that are not well adapted to the heat may be needing some s... read more

Container Gardens for Pollinators: Caitlin’s Picks

by , June 6th 2023

Caitlin Akkerhuis at our Merrifield location on Gallows road regularly designs some beautiful container gardens with native p... read more

Pollinator Support: a Step-by-Step Guide

by , May 31st 2023

Why We Plant for Pollinators Plants depend on pollination to produce fruits, seeds and the next generation of plants Many of... read more

Planting for Butterflies: Caterpillar Host Plants

by , May 26th 2023

If you are thinking about starting a butterfly garden, knowing our native butterfly species and their caterpillar host plants... read more



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