ZZ Plant Care Guide

by , January 10th 2024

The attractive, low maintenance and beginner friendly zz plant, also known as the Zanzibar gem, has strong stems with glossy,... read more

Philodendron Care Guide

by , January 9th 2024

When we talk about philodendrons as houseplants, we are actually talking about hundreds of species of plants within a single ... read more

Pothos Care Guide

by , January 9th 2024

Pothos plants, native to Southeast Asia, are some of the easiest plants to grow as they are low-maintenance, resilient and du... read more

How To Prevent Winter Damage

by , January 5th 2024

During the winter season when many of your outdoor trees, shrubs and container plants are dormant, it’s important to be awa... read more

6 Tips to Overwinter Your Containers

by , December 20th 2023

Just before the first hard freeze occurs, usually in the first half of December it’s best to start protecting your containe... read more

4 Tips to Keep Your Evergreen Arrangements Fresh

by , December 6th 2023

Whether you have selected an advent wreath, centerpiece or garland to hang on your front door or in your home, our team at Me... read more

Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree

by Michael Fahey, November 24th 2023

Michael Fahey, Merrifield Plant Specialist and ISA Certified Arborist Updated December 2021 This post was originally publishe... read more

Florist’s Cyclamen Care Guide

by , November 24th 2023

Cyclamen is a vibrant plant originating in the regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea This beautiful plant comes in a variet... read more

Holiday Cactus Care Guide

by , November 23rd 2023

The popular Christmas Cactus, which is native to Brazil, is actually one of three types of cactus named based on their bloom ... read more



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