Bold Begonia Blend Container for Part Shade

by , April 5th 2024

This container gives a tropical feel with the large leaves of the colocasia and vibrant orange begonias It is a big and beaut... read more

Herb & Bloom Medley Container For Sun

by , April 5th 2024

This airy, fragrant and mostly edible herb and bloom container is perfect for an area of your yard where you get 6 to 8 hours... read more

Purple Cottage Container for Sun

by , April 5th 2024

This container has purple-hued flowers accompanied by the silvery foliage of dusty Miller These plants are easily interchange... read more

Pretty In Pink Early Spring Container

by , March 29th 2024

This container is pretty in pink with lovely weeping pieris japonica complemented by the beautiful blooms of helleborus and t... read more

ZZ Plant Care Guide

by , January 10th 2024

The attractive, low maintenance and beginner friendly zz plant, also known as the Zanzibar gem, has strong stems with glossy,... read more

Philodendron Care Guide

by , January 9th 2024

When we talk about philodendrons as houseplants, we are actually talking about hundreds of species of plants within a single ... read more

Pothos Care Guide

by , January 9th 2024

Pothos plants, native to Southeast Asia, are some of the easiest plants to grow as they are low-maintenance, resilient and du... read more

How To Prevent Winter Damage

by , January 5th 2024

During the winter season when many of your outdoor trees, shrubs and container plants are dormant, it’s important to be awa... read more

6 Tips to Overwinter Your Containers

by , December 20th 2023

Just before the first hard freeze occurs, usually in the first half of December it’s best to start protecting your containe... read more



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