Gardening for the Birds, Bees, and Butterflies

by , February 21st 2018

Peg Bier, Merrifield Plant Specialist Who among us does not enjoy birds, bees and butterflies By creating plantings that rep... read more

Perennial Winter Wanderings

by , February 15th 2018

Suzanne Conway, Merrifield Plant Specialist As many of us have experienced these past few weeks with the temperatures bounci... read more

Winter Damage: What is it and What Can I do About it?

by , February 2nd 2018

David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist We’ve faced some brutal cold spells this winter and are already seeing the damage ... read more

5 Flowering Houseplants to Brighten Up Your Winter

by , January 19th 2018

It’s cold outside, and in the middle of winter many of us find ourselves spending more time looking out our windows at a ga... read more

Christmas Collections for Every Home

by Karen Velehoski, December 5th 2017

The holidays are a special time at Merrifield Garden Center From the moment you walk in the door, you’re immersed in the ch... read more

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Inspiration

by , November 16th 2017

Thanksgiving is almost here and the holiday season is getting into full swing! For many of us, this means welcoming family an... read more

Coordinating Color for a Fantastic Fall Garden

by , October 31st 2017

Kerri Murphy Blackman, Merrifield Landscape Designer One of the most difficult things to do when designing a garden bed or c... read more

Good Bug, Bad Bug

by , October 26th 2017

Nikki Norton, Merrifield Plant Specialist “To smush or not to smush” I always ask myself whenever I see a six-le... read more

Bulb Basics: Planting Bulbs in Containers

by , October 25th 2017

Peg Bier, Merrifield Plant Specialist You can enjoy bulbs planted in containers on your balcony, deck, patio and even out in... read more



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