Environmental Factors and Plant Placement

by Kyle Gregory, June 13th 2018

By Kyle Gregory, Merrifield Plant Specialist Earth, air, fire, and water  These four classical elements correspond to the f... read more

Our Hydrangea Picks for Summer Blooms

by the Merrifield Education Team, June 6th 2018

If you are looking for something to brighten up your summer landscape, hydrangeas are the perfect plant! These beautiful plan... read more

Selecting and Caring for Roses

by Sharon Stickell and Rob Capp, May 16th 2018

By Sharon Stickell and Rob Capp One of the most traditional and iconic garden plants, the rose is known for its beauty, clas... read more

Planting Seedlings for Arbor Day

by David Yost, May 16th 2018

by David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist Update to our seedling giveaway event: Thank you for your participation in our 20... read more

Blooming Gifts for Mother’s Day

by the Merrifield Education Team, May 16th 2018

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and beautiful spring blooms are the perfect gifts to show her you appreciate her ha... read more

Using Mulch Properly in Landscapes

by , April 2nd 2018

David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist With spring at our doorstep, we are all ready to give our garden beds a fresh look a... read more

Our Favorite Spring Blooming Trees and Shrubs

by Michael Fahey, March 22nd 2018

Michael Fahey, Merrifield Plant Specialist and ISA Certified Arborist Spring is here and we are indulging our spring fever w... read more

Spring Lawn Care Checklist

by , March 13th 2018

David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist Now is the time to get your lawn in spring shape! The weather is warming up, trees a... read more

Getting Your Garden into Spring Shape

by , March 8th 2018

David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist Spring is almost here and it’s time to start getting our gardens ready for the sea... read more



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