About Us

We know plants

Merrifield Garden Center is a family owned and operated, full service garden center, nursery and landscaping company. We have three locations in Northern Virginia, with an extended family of over 600 employees.

We believe in the power of dreams. Our founders, Bob Warhurst and Buddy Williams, wanted to bring beauty to the expanding Northern Virginia area. Founded in 1971 with just a small roadside store and less than an acre of plants, we are now proud to be one of the largest nurseries and landscaping companies in the region.

Quality drives everything we do. Our buyers travel the country to find the highest quality plants, gardening supplies and home décor items to create a unique collection for you to explore. We strive to provide an unmatched selection of new and noteworthy products, along with traditional favorites for your home and garden.

We pour our hearts and souls into caring for all of the plants in our nurseries, and are thrilled to connect people with the right plants for their garden every day. We are hands-on gardeners and have learned a great deal by working directly with our customers and our team of experienced horticulturists and plant specialists. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our knowledge with you through our free seminars, workshops, the blog and social media.

As a family business with deep roots in the Northern Virginia area, we are dedicated to supporting our local schools and communities, other family businesses and independent artisans whenever we can.

We invite you to visit our garden centers throughout the year and experience the beauty that each season brings.