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Monthly Tips


Annuals and Perennials

Start flower seeds indoors now for Ageratum, Asters, Calendula, Campanula, Candytuft, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Coleus, Columbine, Coreopsis, Dahlia, Gerbena, Geraniums, Impatiens, Petunia, Salvia, and Snapdragon.

Our guide to starting seeds indoors. 

Hellebores bloom this month.

Fruits and Vegetables

Begin seeds indoors for summer vegetables including broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, onions and spinach in mid to late February.

Our guide to starting seeds indoors.

February is an ideal time to prune fruit trees. Remove suckers, crossing and rubbing branches to open up the canopy which improves air circulation and allows more sun to penetrate into the tree. This in turn reduces disease pressure and increases fruit production.


House Plants

As the days become longer, it’s time to start feeding houseplants. In late February begin with a good quality indoor plant food such as Jack’s Classic (water-soluble powder) or Osmocote (slow-release granular).

Time to re-pot root bound houseplants to a larger pot. If the roots are sticking out the top or bottom of the pot, the plant is root bound.

Check houseplant leaves for insect problems like scale, mites and mealy bugs. If you detect a problem, bring a sample to our plant clinic for diagnosis and treatment solutions.




February is a great time to seed lawns. The seed will lie on the ground until the soil temperature is warm enough for it to germinate, and late winter/early spring rains will provide moisture for germination.

If the grass seed begins to germinate this month, apply a seed starting fertilizer.

Avoid walking on your lawn on frosty, frozen mornings. The crunchy sound and feeling under your feet is caused by the breaking and crushing of brittle grass blades.

Trees and Shrubs

Late February / March is the time to spray roses and other trees and shrubs with a dormant oil spray, particularly if the trees or shrubs had hemlock woolly adelgid, pine bark adelgid, euonymous scale, spruce mites or other pests in the past year. Wait to apply the spray until the temperature is above 40 degrees and there is no rain in the immediate forecast.

January and February are the best months for pruning many deciduous trees and shrubs. When removing branches, take care to avoid injuring the branch collar.

Heather, witchhazel, winterhazel and paperbush bloom this month.

Wildlife and Wildlife Management

Protect your landscape from hungry deer. Repellents produce strong scents and some are combined with a nasty taste to deter deer from browsing in your garden. Continue to apply them on a regular basis.

Seasonal Care

Use a good quality ice-melting product such as Mag (magnesium chloride) on sidewalks and driveways rather than salt or rock salt, which can damage the concrete and shrubs.

Turn over unused containers to prevent them from collecting water that could freeze and crack the container.