Gardening Products

Quality supplies, hand selected for you.

Many people have a unique vision for their garden and landscape. Our specialists can help you find the products you need to complete your gardening projects.

We carry a wide array of tools and supplies in our stores, including our own private label products and many organic options.

You can now order landscape materials online for delivery.

  • Tools: Sprinklers, hoses, shovels, rakes, cultivators, spreaders, hand tools
  • Seed starting supplies: Vegetable and flower seeds, trays, soils, heating mats
  • Garden apparel: Hats, gloves, gardening aprons
  • Bird feeding supplies: Bird seeds, houses and feeders
  • Garden accents: Statuary, urns, benches, pedestals, bird baths, driftwood, fountains, decorative pots and containers, window boxes
  • Garden structures: trellises, arbors, pergolas, wrought-iron and vinyl coated plant stands, bamboo poles, hanging basket hooks, moss liners, tomato cages, peony supports
  • Lawn supplies: Grass seed, lawn food, fertilizers, lime
  • Water garden supplies: Fish, aquatic plants, pumps, filters and related products
  • Soils, mulches and amendments: Topsoil, organic matter, fertilizers, various soils and mulches
  • Control products: Weed preventers and killers, insecticides and disease controls
  • Stone: Paving stones, flagstone, steppers and treads, interlocking wall systems, wall stones, gravel, decorative stone and sand