Plants & Products

Plants & Products

Our nurseries carry more than 7,500 varieties of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials.

We also stock thousands of houseplants, bulbs, roses, water plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers and vegetable seeds.

Our buyers travel the country hand-selecting the highest quality plants that will make a lasting impact in your garden. In many cases, our teams spend days with our growers, handpicking beautiful, healthy annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. 

Our plant specialists and horticulturists are constantly learning about new plants and working with our growers to bring you both traditional favorites and the latest introductions, including drought and heat-tolerant plants, natives, plants to benefit pollinators and local wildlife, plants for small spaces, edible gardening.

New flowers constantly burst into bloom and beauty in our nursery. Take a look at which plants are showing off at our nurseries in our In Bloom gallery.

In addition to plants, we provide an unmatched selection of the tools and supplies you need to complete your gardening projects. We carry products from a diverse set of suppliers and manufacturers, and have our own line of private label gardening products, which have been custom blended for the conditions in our Mid-Atlantic area.