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Merrifield Grass Seed

Our three grass seed blends include varieties that have shown superior performance in local and regional turf trials conducted independently by Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland. We continually monitor and evaluate our blends, updating them based on our research, the latest data, new varieties and customer feedback.

Merrifield Tuff Play

Our most versatile and popular mixture, this blend contains tall fescues and a touch of Kentucky bluegrass. This mix performs well with at least four hours of sun to full sun conditions. It establishes itself quickly and tolerates drought, wear and tear and disease problems to create a low-maintenance lawn. This blend is great for high traffic areas.

Merrifield Shady

This blend contains fine-textured fescues and is ideal for use in moderate to heavy shade conditions where trees may compete with your grass for sun, water and nutrients. This mix produces a soft, fine-bladed grass that is best used in low traffic, shady areas.

Merrifield Sunny

This blend consists of top performing Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass, which provide a premium quality lawn with a rich, dark green color. The finer-bladed grasses in this blend prefer full sun to part shade conditions, but do require more maintenance and water than the Merrifield Tuff Play or Merrifield Shady blends.

Merrifield Lawn Food

Lawns perform best when fertilized two to four times a year, typically in the spring and fall, to strengthen their root systems and keep them healthy, thick and green. We offer two Merrifield lawn fertilizers with different nutrient blends.

Merrifield Select 14-18-14

This lawn fertilizer is designed to use when seeding or installing sod. It is high in phosphorous to promote strong root development.

Merrifield Premium 26-0-12

This lawn fertilizer is designed to use on established lawns. It contains long lasting, slow release nitrogen for a thick, dark green lawn, and sulfate of potash for drought resistance and turf vigor.

Merrifield Plant Food

Merrifield Starter Plant Food 6-12-8

We recommend using the Merrifield Starter Plant Food on all new planting projects. It is high in phosphorous to encourage strong roots and contains 25 percent slow release nitrogen to encourage growth. This food also contains trace elements for balanced nutrition.

Merrifield Tree & Shrub Food 16-4-10

This plant food is custom-blended to support tree and shrub health. It contains 75 percent long lasting, slow release nitrogen to encourage steady growth and deep color. It also contains trace elements for balanced nutrition.

Merrifield Flowering Plant Food 10-18-12

We recommend applying our Merrifield Flowering Plant Food to all flowering trees, shrubs, roses, perennials and annuals two to three times a year. This blend contains 50 percent slow release nitrogen, a high phosphorous count and trace elements for strong growth and bright blooms.

Merrifield Planting and Potting Mix

Whether you’re growing plants in the ground or in containers, you need to start with the right mix of quality ingredients. We offer two mixes that we put together for growing healthy and beautiful plants.

Merrifield Planting Mix

In our area, we have clay-based soil that is usually dense and compacted due to the lack of organic matter. It is important to use an organic soil conditioner to permit air and water into the soil, provide a natural source of nutrients and enrich soil microbes for healthier, stronger plants. Our Merrifield Planting Mix contains aged pine bark, premium organic compost, Canadian sphagnum peat moss, limestone, and an organic nutrient supplement, which may contain some of all of the following: chicken manure, rock phosphate, greensand, bloom meal, cottonseed meal, feather meal and sulfate of potash.

Merrifield Potting Mix

Growing plants in containers requires a potting medium that provides proper drainage while preventing the plants from drying out too quickly. Our Merrifield Potting Mix contains pine bark, peat moss, a sand/compost blend, vermiculite, perlite, lime, a wetting agent, starter fertilizer and a water-grabbing polymer. It is ideal for use with indoor and outdoor plants, such as flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.