5 Steps to Restore Your Lawn this Fall

by , October 2nd 2020

In this video, Plant and Turf Specialist David Yost outlines 5 steps you can take to restore your lawn to a lush, healthy sta... read more

Blooming Shrubs for Summer

by Merrifield Education Team, July 29th 2020

If you are looking to add some color to your landscape this season, there are plenty of shrubs to choose from that provide vi... read more

Container Gardens for Butterflies and Hummingbirds

by , July 8th 2020

Summer is here, and so are the hummingbirds and butterflies we love to enjoy in our gardens Even with a small space you can p... read more

Tomato Growing Guide

by David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist, May 21st 2020

As anyone who has ever experienced the delicious flavor of a tomato fresh from the vine will know, there is nothing quite as ... read more

Propagating Houseplants from Stem Cuttings

by Gretchen Mason, Merrifield Plant Specialist, May 12th 2020

If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at propagating your houseplants, now is a great time to get started There are many ... read more

How to Start a Vegetable Garden with Your Family

by David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist, March 26th 2020

With spring officially here, now is a great time to start a cool season vegetable garden with herbs, potatoes, onions and lea... read more

Solutions to Common Winter Houseplant Issues

by Alex Pawlukiewicz, Merrifield Plant Specialist, January 28th 2020

The natural beauty of houseplants can really boost our moods and take the bitterness out of a cold winter Creating an oasis w... read more

Orchid Repotting Made Easy

by David Yost, December 30th 2019

This post was originally published in January 2018 Many people are intimidated by the process of repotting orchids, but it is... read more

Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree

by Michael Fahey, November 22nd 2019

Michael Fahey, Merrifield Plant Specialist and ISA Certified Arborist This post was originally published in December of 2018 ... read more



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