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Latest Posts

Creating an Indoor Succulent Container
March 29, 2017 By: Julia Reed, Merrifield Plant Specialist I love houseplants. So much so that my entire dining room doubles as a greenhouse. One of my favorite houseplants is the succulent. They’re easy to care for, beautiful to look at, and bring instant life to you... Read More
Turf Tips: Preventing Summer Weeds
March 22, 2017 By: David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist and Turf Expert Summer weeds, if left untreated, have a way of wreaking havoc on our lawns. The good news is that they haven’t germinated yet. You can intervene in the process and prevent them from popping up ... Read More
Our Top 10 Picks for Low-Maintenance Houseplants
March 13, 2017 By: Paul Knight, Merrifield Plant Specialist Many people think that growing plants indoors requires a lot of time and attention. After all, most houseplants in our area are tropical plants that naturally thrive outdoors in warmer climates. How in the worl... Read More

Gardening Tips

Feed your Feathered Friends

January 10, 2017

Winter is a great season to enjoy bird watching in your backyard. You can turn your backyard into a birding oasis by providing food, shelter and water. Keep your feeders full, add suet for additional fat and use a bird bath heater so water is always available. January can be a difficult time for our feathered friends, but with these tips you’ll be sure to help them out! 

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