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Simple steps to restore your lawn
September 21, 2016 By: David Yost We spent the summer months combating hot, dry weather and annual weeds that left our lawns thin and patched. Now it is the perfect time to focus on repairing the damage with a combination of overseeding and fertilizing to restore our lawns ... Read More
Our top treatment picks for summer grassy and broadleaf weeds
September 1, 2016 By: David Yost   In our area, our lawns are the happiest when the temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees and they get about an inch of water per week. With the soaring temperatures and lack of rain we encountered in July and August our lawns are way ou... Read More
It’s time to plant broccoli, cabbage and beets!
August 26, 2016 By Peg Bier Planting fall vegetables makes me nostalgic for my childhood when I’d run around growing, harvesting, canning and preserving fresh vegetables. Even today I simply cannot be without them! The end of August and early September is the best time... Read More

Gardening Tips

How to Grow Tasty Tomatoes

May 4, 2016

Tomatoes thrive in warm, sunny conditions that arrive in May. Find your favorite varieties in our huge selection of tomato plants and plant them in Dr. Earth Vegetable Garden Planting Mix. Supplemented with worm castings, kelp meal, fish bone meal and a plethora of rich organic nutrients, your homegrown tomatoes will be tastier than ever this summer.

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