Spring Lawn Care Checklist

Now is the time to get your lawn in spring shape! The weather is warming up, trees are starting to bloom, and a healthy, dark green lawn can really contribute to the feeling that spring has arrived. By taking a few steps, anyone can refresh their lawn for a beautiful spring landscape. Before starting your lawn refresh, remember that every lawn is different and your lawn’s care needs will be unique to the conditions it is under as well as its current state. If you need any assistance deciding which of the steps apply to your lawn, please call one of our experts at the plant clinic or stop by and see us.

Control Winter Weeds

March is the perfect time to control and eliminate any winter weeds that crept into your lawn over the season. Chickweed, bittercress, henbit, deadnettle, clover, dandelion and wild violet are all weeds that may be seen at this time. Check out our blog post on eliminating winter weeds.  

Prevent Summer Weeds

After treating winter weeds, it’s a good idea to pre-treat your lawn for summer weeds. Preventing their germination from the beginning will save you a lot of trouble, and help you maintain a weed free lawn throughout the season. Common summer weeds include crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail and Japanese stiltgrass. When planning your weed prevention, you will want to take into account whether or not you will be seeding your lawn. For full information on preventing summer weeds, visit our summer weed prevention blog.  

Seed and Fertilize

Take advantage of the spring season to fill in your lawn by overseeding. This is a great opportunity to select new seeds that will work great in the conditions of your lawn. We offer many varieties and are happy to help you select one that will thrive in your landscape. When you are seeding, fertilize your lawn as well with a high phosphorous formula. For complete steps and our recommended products, check out our seeding and fertilizing blog.

David Yost David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Passionate about helping customers solve gardening dilemmas, you can find David with his plant RX pad in hand, prescribing treatment plans at our Fair Oaks and Merrifield Plant Clinics. You may know David from his co-hosting days on our Merrifield’s Gardening Advisor TV show. David received his degree in horticulture from Virginia Tech and since then has worked as a landscape designer, arborist, and county extension agent. He is a Virginia Certified Professional Horticulturalist and Pesticide Applicator, and a past president of the Fairfax County Master Gardener’s Association. In his free time David is an avid gardener, cyclist and yogi.