Creating a Garden-Fresh Arrangement

by Peg Bier, August 17th 2016

Peg Bier, Merrifield Plant Specialist The windowsill in my kitchen was always adorned with a love bouquet—a gathering of fl... read more

Watermelon Salad for National Watermelon Day

by the Merrifield Education Team, August 3rd 2016

We’re celebrating with this fresh-from-the-garden watermelon tomato salad! It’s one of our favorites and is fresh all sum... read more

Three Tips to Attract Pollinators to your Garden

by Larry Shapira, June 30th 2016

Larry Shapira, Merrifield Plant Specialist & Professor Emeritus NVCC Gardening connects us to nature and gives us an oppo... read more

Summer Bulbs Are An Overlooked Gem

by the Merrifield Education Team, March 21st 2016

Without a doubt, spring bulbs are the most popular type of bulbs Their breathtaking flowers delight us with their beauty and ... read more

Pruning Tools for the Pros

by David Yost, March 16th 2016

David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist Shopping for pruning tools is like shopping for a new pair of shoes It seems like a s... read more

Great Spring Flowering Trees

by , March 10th 2016

With our climate, we’re fortunate to have the option of planting many different types of trees We carry about 100 different... read more

Dogwoods- a Harbinger of Spring

by the Merrifield Education Team, February 29th 2016

Nothing says spring quite like a flowering dogwood! Native to the eastern United States, our flowering dogwood is beloved for... read more

How to Arrange Your Valentine’s Roses in a Vase

by the Merrifield Education Team, February 7th 2016

Rose bouquets and arrangements are a beautiful and timeless Valentine’s Day gift Arranging your own vase of roses and o... read more

Gardens for Play

by Mary Kirk Menefee, February 5th 2016

Mary Kirk Menefee, Merrifield Landscape Designer Even before I became a mom, I was fascinated by how children play and their ... read more



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