Shade Tropicals

Add some tropical flare to your deck or patio with this richly colored container, featuring caladiums. This container can easily be customized based on the container and location it is being placed in. In this case, we have selected plants to complement the color palette of the red planter.

This container follows the “Thrill, Fill, Spill” formula.


Caladiums: These tropical plants are the feature and serve as the thrill plant in this container. Caladiums come in shades of green, white, red and pink, so you can easily and dramatically change the look of your container by selecting white and green caladiums, or pink and white caladiums, rather than these rich green and reddish-pink ones.


Fern: Any number of ferns will work in this container, so you can choose your favorite variety when designing your own.

Rex Begonia: We’ve selected a rex begonia for it’s foliage, rather than an alternative begonia for it’s blooms. The dark colors of this foliage complement the colors of the container and companion plants. You could swap this out for a rex begonia in different colors, or for a flowering begonia, if you want blooms.


Lysimachia: While traditional lysimachia comes in a vibrant green, we’ve selected this chocolate variety to complement the other plants in this container. Swap it out for the bright green variety if you would prefer to change up the color scheme!