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The Blog

19 Apr

Celebrate Earth Day & Arbor Day

By: Michael Fahey, Merrifield Plant Specialist and ISA Certified Arborist Every year we get excited about Earth Day and Arbor Day because these holidays mark two special days when the entire country comes together to celebrate and protect our natural resources. We encourage you to celebrate by embarking on a planting project with your family…

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13 Apr

Blooming Easter Gifts

Nothing says happy Easter more than a bright, blooming plant. Here are our picks for bright blooms to treat your loved one this Easter. Geranium We love geraniums for their showy clusters of blooms in bright shades of red, pink, rose, orange, white and purple that stand above beautiful foliage. These annuals perform well in…

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10 Apr

Turf Tips: Seeding & Fertilizing

By: David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist A thick, healthy, dark green lawn is important to the look of your overall landscape. Colorful annuals, healthy shrubs and stately shade trees are of course wonderful features, but the overall appearance of your property is often dictated by the lawn. Having a beautiful lawn is not as difficult…

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29 Mar

Creating an Indoor Succulent Container

By: Julia Reed, Merrifield Plant Specialist I love houseplants. So much so that my entire dining room doubles as a greenhouse. One of my favorite houseplants is the succulent. They’re easy to care for, beautiful to look at, and bring instant life to your home or office. You can easily add a succulent display to…

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22 Mar

Turf Tips: Preventing Summer Weeds

By: David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist and Turf Expert Summer weeds, if left untreated, have a way of wreaking havoc on our lawns. The good news is that they haven’t germinated yet. You can intervene in the process and prevent them from popping up by applying a summer annual weed preventer now. If you haven’t…

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13 Mar

Our Top 10 Picks for Low-Maintenance Houseplants

By: Paul Knight, Merrifield Plant Specialist Many people think that growing plants indoors requires a lot of time and attention. After all, most houseplants in our area are tropical plants that naturally thrive outdoors in warmer climates. How in the world are you supposed to take care of them inside your home? Well, it’s easier…

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9 Mar

Turf Tips: Controlling Winter Weeds

By: David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist and Turf Expert Spring is just around the corner. Before long you’ll be sowing grass seed, applying fertilizer, and mowing the lawn! To return your lawn to a thick, healthy state, March is the time to begin controlling pesky winter weeds currently taking over your lawn, and preventing summer…

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27 Feb

Back to Basics: Houseplants

By: Paul Knight, Merrifield Plant Specialist Growing houseplants is a fun and rewarding hobby that can truly enhance your interior spaces. Houseplants naturally soften the straight lines and hard edges of furniture, cabinetry and other architectural elements, and make your home healthier by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing clean oxygen in exchange. For many, the…

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23 Feb

Starting from seed

By: Louis Ratchford, Merrifield Plant Specialist Growing your own plants from seed can be very rewarding! You can get your hands into the dirt in the middle of winter, and enjoy the fruits of your labor when the weather warms, meaning more time outdoors! Step one: Plan your garden The key to determining when to…

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9 Feb

A winter walk through the garden: Berries, bark and blooms

By: Peg Bier, Merrifield Plant Specialist I was born a farmer’s daughter. Born to love the soil, the plants and nature that surround us and enhance our lives every day. Over many years of growing—and killing—plants, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of a four-season garden. One that evolves with the passing of time. A…

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