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The Blog

23 Feb

Starting from seed

By: Louis Ratchford, Merrifield Plant Specialist Growing your own plants from seed can be very rewarding! You can get your hands into the dirt in the middle of winter, and enjoy the fruits of your labor when the weather warms, meaning more time outdoors! Step one: Plan your garden The key to determining when to…

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9 Feb

A winter walk through the garden: Berries, bark and blooms

By: Peg Bier, Merrifield Plant Specialist I was born a farmer’s daughter. Born to love the soil, the plants and nature that surround us and enhance our lives every day. Over many years of growing—and killing—plants, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of a four-season garden. One that evolves with the passing of time. A…

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1 Feb

Valentines from the Greenhouse

By: Shirley Hennessy, Merrifield Plant Specialist This Valentine’s Day we’re giving blooming gifts from the greenhouse. Here are our gardener’s picks for romantic, exotic and contemporary options for your valentine. Romantic Calla lily From the Greek word for beauty, the calla lily is an elegant selection for any friend or loved one. The calla lily…

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7 Jan

The Art of Pruning Shrubs

By: David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist Pruning is one of the best things you can do for your shrubs. Well-pruned shrubs will grow fuller with a more attractive shape, produce more flowers, and be healthier overall. While pruning has some wonderful benefits, it’s often one of the most skipped gardening tasks. That’s likely because we’re…

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1 Dec

Don’t let your plants go into winter thirsty!

With the extremely dry fall we’ve had this year, we’re enjoying the rain that is coming our way this week and next. But even with the rainfall, our plants will still be dry and thirsty as we’re down roughly six inches of rain since September. We recommend supplementing the rainfall by thoroughly soaking your plants…

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21 Sep

Simple steps to restore your lawn

By: David Yost We spent the summer months combating hot, dry weather and annual weeds that left our lawns thin and patched. Now it is the perfect time to focus on repairing the damage with a combination of overseeding and fertilizing to restore our lawns to a thick carpet of green. As the fall season…

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1 Sep

Our top treatment picks for summer grassy and broadleaf weeds

By: David Yost   In our area, our lawns are the happiest when the temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees and they get about an inch of water per week. With the soaring temperatures and lack of rain we encountered in July and August our lawns are way out of their comfort zone! Stressed,…

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26 Aug

It’s time to plant broccoli, cabbage and beets!

By Peg Bier Planting fall vegetables makes me nostalgic for my childhood when I’d run around growing, harvesting, canning and preserving fresh vegetables. Even today I simply cannot be without them! The end of August and early September is the best time to transplant fall vegetables from seedlings to the garden to harvest in October….

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17 Aug

A simple guide to creating a garden-fresh arrangement

By: Peg Bier The windowsill in my kitchen was always adorned with a love bouquet—a gathering of flowers picked from my garden and delivered slightly crushed by the small, loving hands of my children and grandchildren. Today one of my greatest joys is a walk through the garden with scissors in hand discovering unexpected treasures…

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