Mosquito Trap Water Garden

Easy-to-Make Mosquito Trap Water Gardens

Tis the season for the mosquito! They are both annoying and transmit diseases, so we are all motivated to get rid of them in any way possible. One very simple, easy and inexpensive thing that we can do to reduce the mosquito population is to create our own mosquito traps. These insects are attracted to standing water, usually in containers, to lay their eggs – so one of the easiest ways to target these unwelcome critters is to create a trap in a container of standing water.

Provide standing water for the mosquitos with an attractive basin. Fill it with water, then add Mosquito Bits to that water every week or two and presto! Dead mosquito larvae instead of more mosquitos. While I use a pretty basin, anything that holds water will work. The Mosquito Bits are not harmful to people, wildlife or pets. You can even use them safely in bird baths.

To make these basins attractive, add water plants to decorate the containers!

Mosquito Trap Inspiration

Here are some samples I’ve created at the garden center. You can use many types of plants or flowers, just check with our plant specialists if you will be submerging the whole plant to make sure it can grow in water!

Blue and White Vessel with Water Hyacinth and Lace

Mosquito Trap Water Garden

This sample combines a classic blue and white container with water hyacinth and lace. An opaque vessel is a perfect option for people looking for a larger or longer-term mosquito trap, since the water clarity is not as important.

Glass Dish with Fresh Flowers

Mosquito Trap Water Garden

This version of our mosquito trap would be perfect with a floating tea light at a summer party. Snip fresh blooms every few days to keep the color fresh and vibrant!

Juncus Grass with Glass Pebbles

Mosquito Trap Water Garden

This smaller trap is perfect for a balcony or small deck! Just place your juncus container directly in the water and top with glass pebbles or other decorations. Leave enough standing water above the pebbles to lure mosquitoes.

Water Hyacinth in Glass Container

Mosquito Trap Water Garden

This beautiful container shows off the purple roots of this water hyacinth. If you want to display plants with an interesting root structure, this tall glass container is a great way to do it while still creating an excellent trap.