Photo by Bryn Wallace

Azaleas for Every Garden

It’s azalea season and the blooms are beautiful! Azaleas come in a wide array of sizes as well as colors, and bloom at slightly different times depending on their cultivar. Below are a feature of azaleas that are blooming right now, in mid-April, in colors ranging from pink and red to white and purple.

Pink Blooms

Christi Lyn

It’s Christi Lyn’s variegated foliage that really make this azalea a standout. In spring with hot pink to red blooms, it’s a show stopper. This azalea usually blooms in mid-spring.

Coral Bells

Low growing Coral Bells will max out at about 3 ft. in height, and features clusters of pink flowers with burgundy foliage in fall. This is a great choice if you are looking for a compact plant.

White Blooms

Delaware Valley White

If you are looking for a white azalea to use in the foundation plantings around your home, Delaware Valley White is a great choice. This azalea will reach 5-7 feet at maturity and gets a bit of bronze color in the fall.

Purple Blooms

Poukhanense compacta

A dense, slow growing azalea with lavender-pink to lilac-purple flowers early in the spring. These plants max out around 6 ft. or so and have a more open growth habit than other azaleas. As an added bonus, this plant also features a burgundy foliage color in the fall.

Red Blooms


This lower growing variety will grow to 2-4 ft. tall and can be used in borders or as a lower hedge.